Estacion del Frio (suite)

When I first read the new book by Salvadoran Poet Claudia Meyer, “Estación del Frío” I was fascinated by her words. Music came to me almost immediately.

I selected three poems to create my own musical journey. The first one, who gave the book its title, has been also my personal record in composition. It only took me 4 hours to write the work. It’s a work full of expression and emotion. Even when the text is short, it helps to create the mood for the setting. At the end of the work, you can also barely hear the theme for the next song in the cycle.

The second song in the cycle “Yo te amé como nunca” was actually the first one to be written. The idea was to have a series or arpeggios going up and down while static chords are played on top. It’s like being in love. An intense flow of emotions. The work is full of passion and is very challenging for the singer.

The third song “Concebir el laberinto” was the last one I wrote for this cycle. The inspiration came from a dramatic Tango, representing sensuality and pain at the same time. After all the pain the work ends in a more optimistic way, that’s why I changed the tonal center and suddenly all the doubt became tranquility. The last phrase of the poem says “…contigo y esta playa.” (with you and this beach.) I thought that if you were in a maze (laberinto) and you end on a beautiful beach your journey is now complete.

The text of the poems helped me to shape my own story from the freezing cold of “Estación del Frío” to the warmest sunset at the beach in “Concebir el Laberinto.”


About the work



Voice (Tenor)



World Premiere:

“Yo te amé como nunca” was premiered by Salvadoran Tenor Mauricio Iglesias in El Salvador (2015)

“Estación del Frío” and “Concebir el laberinto” were premiered by Salvadoran American Tenor Oswaldo Iraheta with me on the piano on August 5, 2015 for an event for the Salvadoran Renal Foundation, Inc. in New York City.

The whole suite received its first performance together on August 5th, 2015, in New York City. Performed by Oswaldo Iraheta and myself on the piano.



Estación del Frío

Yo te amé como nunca

Concebír el laberinto

Whole suite (high voice & Piano)



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