Morning Lullaby

Violin & Piano

Program Note

In May 2020, I had the pleasure of meeting Venezuelan violinist Johan Chapellín who together with Costarrican pianist Rebeca Ordóñez (Jacaranda duet) gave the world premiere of my work “Healing.”


From the day I met Johan, he gave me important feedback about writing for the violin and participated in multiple projects involving my music. I wanted to write a little piece as a gift for him and this is the result.


While waking up one morning, I saw beautiful patterns of light coming through the window and the curtain. One specific pattern caught my attention and gave me peace of mind. I had the idea of writing a lullaby as a tribute to that experience. It is a simple and lyrical piece that requires skillful performers to achieve its goal, a mix between delicacy and rich tones. 


  • Juan Guerra González


Rebeca Ordoñez Rodríguez, piano

Johan Chapellín, violin

Score & Violin part


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