Symphony Orchestra

Program Note

Dreams” is a suite for symphony orchestra in three movements. The work was kindly commissioned by Dr. Luis Víquez, conductor of the University of Rhode Island’s Symphony Orchestra and to whom this work is being dedicated alongside with his wife Melissa. The titles of the movements come from either an specific dream, or other topics about dreaming that I discovered in the process of writing the work. 


1. Cherry trees in the morning

Nature has always inspired me. Every year during spring my family has the tradition to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to experience the cherry blossoms. I usually do not remember many of my dreams but in this particular dream I was in Japan under an esplanade of cherry trees. I remember how amazed I feel and is for sure one of my most memorable dreams. 


2. Dreamcatcher

While I was writing the initial ideas of for the work I came across a Journal that explored how the use of a particular chord helped reduce nightmares in patients suffering from nightmare disorders. In the study, patients were exposed to the chord C69 (A C Major with the added 6th and 9th) during therapeutic sessions. This chord is used at the beginning of the movement as it moves to explore different sonorities. In this movement you might be able to hear a representation of the “heartbeat” played by the bass drum and timpani, then a more “stressful” section will come to represent a nightmare followed again by another repetition of the C69 chord. If you feel relaxed during the performance, it is on purpose! 


3. A Dance in the desert

Dreams, in my case, are usually a mix of different non-related things. For the final movement, I decided to use that idea. I started this dance with a “oriental” style and them throughout the middle of the movement I moved it to a waltz that was influenced by my grandfather. He used to have a small orchestra and he used to play waltzes during events and private parties.


I hope the music takes you through a journey of musical emotions.


  • Juan Guerra González

University of Rhode Island Symphony Orchestra

Dr. Luis Víquez, conductor


World Premiere Performance, 10/28/2023


$74.99 (Full Score)

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