La Magia de la Música

SATB, Piano, Drum set, Bass, Soprano Sax

Program Note

I wrote this piece to be used in my Virtual Choir Project. I had the idea of a piece in Jazz Style and added the Choir into the mix. For the lyrics I was inspired by the slogan of the classical radio in El Salvador: “The music is the language of the soul.”


The main idea was to create sounds that develop into more complex harmony. The work begins with just a single note being sung by the Sopranos, the Soprano Sax joins later to start with the development of the introduction, while the other voices join in combination with the piano. The “Jazzy” section comes in the middle, the rest of the instruments in the band joins with a solo part sung by a baritone. After the climax, the work comes to an end with a slow section in which the choir will sing “I discovered the magic of the music.”


As a curious fact, just a few months after finishing the work, I discovered that the melody of my work is very similar to a very popular song.


  • Juan Guerra González

Performed by:


Members of JC Virtual Choir (2015) – Thank you!

Pedro Hércules, keyboards

Rafael Deras, bass

Johnny Amaya, drums

Fernando Ascencio, soprano saxophone

Matthew Curtis (ChoralTracks), Baritone Solo

Juan Guerra González, conductor & producer



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Vocal Score: $2.45 (10 copies minimum)


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Encontré un mundo lleno de color

Donde sobra la emoción 

Y se enciende el corazón y los sentidos


Descubrí la magia de la melodía

La riqueza de la armonía

La fuerza del ritmo, es la música!


Descubrí la magia de la música

Descubrí la magia de la música.


Me abrazó, y ahora no puedo escapar

Su mirada me atrapó

Y mi rumbo iluminó con sus colores.


Me inspiró, y nota a nota se escribió

Este homenaje a la expresión 

Que esta voz expresa hoy con mi canto.


La voz del alma, Inspiración, expresión

La magia de la música

Sentimientos, poesía, Ilusión

La magia de la música.


Música, canta mi corazón. 

Con este canto del alma.


Música, lenguaje del Alma

Descubrí, la magia, la ilusión

¡Descubrí la música!



Juan Guerra González