Salmo 8

SSAATTBB, Piano, Strings

Program Note

Salmo 8 is my humble tribute to Creation. While working with the National Choir of El Salvador I came across many different compositions that used the text of Psalm 8 and many other works I had the pleasure to prepare and conduct/perform.


The original idea was to make an easy listening work, following the idea of works by John Rutter and Ola Gjeilo. I came up with the theme and then changed the rhythm to 5/8  to have a more “interesting” work. The central section is inspired by photographs of the milky way and photographs of the universe. The more contemplative music leads into the climax to end with a recapitulation.


This work is dedicated to Griselda de Hernández, a former Choristerof the National Choir of El Salvador.


  • Juan Guerra González

Virtual Choir Performance
See details below
Paula Burgos, conductor


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World Premiere

The upcoming World Premiere of “Salmo 8” was made possible by the support of conductor Paula Burgos who organized a team of musicians to perform the work virtually.

I would like to express my gratitude to all members of the team, and especially to the performers. To work a piece this complex required a huge amount of musicianship and I must say that everyone exceeded that level and made the world premiere a reality.

Musicians and Production Team 


Juan Carlos Guerra González


Conductor and Coordinator

Paula Lucía Rivera Burgos (El Salvador)



Elizabeth Ramírez Nieto (Costa Rica – China)

María del Rocío Barboza (Costa Rica)

Marielos Burgos (El Salvador)

Linda Tai (Taiwan)

Verónica Mainville (United States)



Johanna Jovel (El Salvador)

Yesenia Elizondo Guzmán (Costa Rica)

Irina Petrowa (Russia – Costa Rica)

Paula Lucía Rivera Burgos (El Salvador)



Francisco Bustamante (El Salvador)

Mauricio Montúfar (El Salvador – France)

Juan Guerra González (El Salvador – United States)



Nilson Ardón (Honduras)

Ángel Rivas (El Salvador)

Edgar Sopón (El Salvador)

Luis Bustillo (Honduras)


Rebeca Ordóñez Rodríguez (Costa Rica)


First violins

Johann Chapellín (concertmaster) (Venezuela – Costa Rica)

Sandra Rivera (El Salvador)

Camila Sermeño (El Salvador – Mexico)


Second Violins

Lorena Quintanilla (El Salvador – Mexico)

Leonel Abraham Quintanilla (El Salvador – Mexico)



Maricel Méndez (Costa Rica)

Lucía Lizano (Costa Rica)



Ileana Marianella Rivera Rogel (El Salvador – Costa Rica)


Double Bass 

Alberto Caminos (El Salvador – México)


Sound Engineer

Ángel Barquero (El Salvador)


Video editor

Júpiter Silva (El Salvador)

World Premiere Concert

The video will be streamed Live through Facebook on November 13th, 2020 starting at 8:00pm (EST)

If you have trouble watching at that time please refresh your browser window to access the live feed.