SSATTB, flute, piano

Program Note

In 1996, while I was still studying under Dr. Doetsch, I was appointed as Conductor for the Choir of the youth groups EPRE-EJE The next year, I was commissioned by the pianist of the group to write a work to be performed on Easter Vigil’s Mass. I decided to set the text of the Sanctus in Spanish. 


I wrote the work for SATB, piano and, flute with occasional divisi on the Soprano and Tenor parts. The idea came from an ostinato played in both hands of the piano. The text is presented as the Liturgy suggests and it’s only a few minutes long to allow the work to be performed in a Mass setting. 

As an interesting story to add, I never thought I could be a composer before as I was planning to become a conductor. A few days later, after finishing the manuscript, I came to my teacher and showed him the work. After reading it on the piano he said to me: “Now I know what you will do with music. You will be a composer!” – A composer? I replied. “Yes. A composer! We will start with your training for that!”


It’s interesting for me that since the beginning of my compositional journey I’ve always been deeply in love with the closed harmonies while creating open chords. 


  • Juan Guerra González

Performed by:

Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado’s Choir

Nelson Avalos, piano

José Santamaría Lagos, conductor

Perusal Score

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Juan Guerra González conducting the choir of the groups EPRE-EJE in 1997.