Piano solo

Program Note

The work is assembled by five small pieces for piano solo. Each one of them represents one of our senses. This work has been possible thanks to a commission by Dr. Rebeca Ordóñez Rodríguez to whom the work is dedicated alongside her husband Dr. Esteban Barquero.

Our senses help us perceive the music in a unique and individual way. The titles of the movements were taken from words that are related to one (or more) of our senses. The work is also an invitation to listen to music actively, attend live performances, and support the work of your favorite artists.


I. Petricor

The word comes from the adaptation of the word Petrichor and it is defined as the smell provoked by the soil while raining after a period of dryness. This is certainly a penetrating aroma that is common in Latin America where it announces that drought is ending.

When Dr. Ordóñez proposed to use this word to name one of the pieces I was immediately fascinated with the idea. The challenge was to represent the rain and the dry soil through music, for that, I created an atmosphere of sound that represents that idea playing a pattern of closed harmonies in conjunction with a pattern of high notes representing the rain.

II. Cromestesia

The word is the exact translation of “Chromestesia”, a type of Synesthesia that makes people perceive colors while listening to music. The term “color” is also used in music to make reference to the timber of a particular instrument.

The movement is centered on the use of harmony as an element of interest. The harmonics that are generated by the long chords in the movement will help to create an atmosphere of intensity, allowing the listener to focus their attention on the sound production and the movement of the chords.

III. Picante

Picante or “Spicy” is one of the most virtuosic sections of the work. The work itself may not require an explanation. From all the flavors available spicy has always been an intriguing one for me. The presence of the chilies in the food is noticed immediately.

The music, in the style of a toccata, pretends to explore the feeling of eating spicy foods.

IV. Escalofrío

Escalofrío or “chills” is defined as the sense of cold, usually in a sudden manner that is accompanied by muscular contractions.

The idea of this piece was to create a minimalistic pattern that changes in intensity and harmony that are momentarily interrupted by some “surprise” elements.


V. Iridiscencia

Iridiscencia or “Iridescence” is defined as the colorful brightness shown by some materials and that could change depending on the reflecting light and the angle of vision.

The inspiration for that piece came after watching the back of a compact disc and seeing how colors changed depending on the angle of view. In the entire duration of the piece, I make subtle changes to a couple of notes altering the harmony but presenting the same musical idea.


  • Juan Guerra González


Rebeca Ordoñez Rodríguez, piano

Costa Rica, August 22nd, 2023


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