Concerto for Piano & Strings

Program Note

“Tapayawi” comes from Nahuatl and means “rain constantly.” Each one of the movements portrays a scene with rain in different environments. The work has 3 short movements and is dedicated to Dr. Esteban Barquero, a conductor and dear friend from Costa Rica. 


The first movement “Bajo la llucia” (Under the Rain) represents the juvenile experience of doing different activities under the rain like playing, running, and dancing. I have memorable memories of my childhood under the intense rain. The experience of being in the rain can be funny or stressful depending on your perspective. The music pretends to be ambiguous, presenting the theme in different tonal centers and moving between different intensities until fading in the rain.


“Rocio” (Dew) is the second movement of the piece. The slow music pretends to evoke a relaxing morning in the countryside enjoying the view of the dew on the green plains. The delicacy of the piano in combination with the warmth of the strings will help to create a relaxing experience for the listener. This movement is like an oasis to the noise of our daily lives.


The third movement “Tempestad” (Tempest) is based on a Salvadoran Traditional Rhythm called “Xuc” As an interesting fact, while I was composing this movement I learned that Costa Rica had a traditional rhythm that is very similar called “Tambito.” The movement is full of energy, portraying a Thunderstorm. This movement is very demanding for the performers, especially for the soloist.   

  • Juan Guerra González

World Premiere Performace

August 12th, 2022, Costa Rica, Central America

Camerata del Encuentro de Pianistas Costa Rica 2022

Rebeca Ordóñez, piano

Esteban Barquero, Conductor


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