Program Note

This piece was written to Gabriela Fernández who will be graduating from Choral and Orchestral Conducting in Argentina in a few months. 


Since Gabriela is currently living in Argentina I decided to contact other Salvadoran friends in the area to find a Salvadoran poet living there. That’s how I met Andrea Montano, a poet who kindly shared some of her works with me. From “Versos” I loved the intensity of the works and the search that is always fundamental in any artform. 


The music in Versos has a touch of ambiguity that pretends to reinforce the idea of searching through the notes and harmony. The textures formed by the voices tend to expand towards development. The composition process of this work was in fact a search experience. I had written almost 2 minutes of music when I decided to start from zero in favor of an idea that sparked my creativity. The work turned out to be a little more complex than the original but for sure it is a colorful work that will delight performers, conductors, and (i hope) the listeners as well.


  • Juan Guerra González

World Premiere Concert

Conducted by: Gabriela Fernández during her graduation recital in Argentina. (2023)


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Sigo escribiendo versos sin sentido 

con espacios concurridos 

de palabras que se dejan sobornar 

por la presencia imaginaria de la soledad 


Sigo encontrando palabras 

en el único lugar que sabe buscar 

el final de una pasión errada 

y el comienzo de una tierra soñada 


Sigo persiguiendo la rima perfecta 

esperando nunca perderme en ella 

porque es tanto lo que mi alma la ansia 

que puede que actúe con alevosía.

Andrea Montano