Clarinet in Bb & Piano

Program Note

As a teenager, I played the Clarinet for a couple of years for the marching band in my school. In the short time that I played this instrument, I discovered its richness of tone and expressiveness. This work tries to explore the lyrical possibilities and the magnificent range of the Clarinet in combination with tender and colorful melodies from the Piano. The final section of the piece is a picturesque dialogue between the clarinet and the piano representing the night is over and dawn is coming. 


“Nocturno” is kindly dedicated to Laura Jiménez Tassara as a way to say “thank you” for her dedication and hard work in favor of many musicians. Laura is the producer of an album where two of my works: “Healing” and “Morning Lullaby,” were professionally recorded with performances by Rebeca Ordóñez (Piano) and Johan Chapellín (Violin)


  • Juan Guerra González


Rebeca Ordoñez Rodríguez, piano

Luis VIquez, Clarinet in Bb